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The Netherlands is a water-rich country. Large parts of the Netherlands are below sea level. And yet, the Netherlands is the safest and cleanest delta in the world. 21 Regional water authorities are responsible for this. They work on water safety, water quality and water quantity, and have their own tax system. Climate change and sea level rising makes the tasks of the Water Authority more relevant than ever. The democratically elected Water Board decides on the strategy  and priorities of the Water Authority. Water Natuurlijk (Water Naturally) is an independent party founded by nature conservation and recreation organization to safeguard four important values: ecology, landscape, cultural heritage and recreation. So go out and vote ‘naturally’ on March 20!

The water authorities regulate how public money – i.e. your taxes – is spent to keep our feet dry and our water clean, for people, animals and nature. On March 20 you are allowed to vote again. Yes, you too: non-Dutch citizens may vote in the water board elections if they are either EU nationals or have a valid Dutch residence permit!

Vote for Water Natuurlijk

Water Natuurlijk (literally ‘water naturally’) is an independent water authority party that champions the interests of nature, the landscape and recreation. We do this in your locality, in partnership with municipalities, residents and businesses. We believe the water board should make every effort to tackle climate change. We want to extract raw materials from sewage water. And we want our water to be free of medicine residues and microplastics. The Water Natuurlijk members work every day to give you clean, safe, healthy and affordable water.

Every political party in the Water Authorities will guarantee safe dykes and clean water. But there is a big difference in how parties want to organize this. Water Natuurlijk was founded by nature conservation and recreation organization to safeguard four important values: ecology, landscape, cultural heritage and recreation. Water Natuurlijk is supported by political parties GroenLinks and D66, who do not participate in the elections for the water authorities themselves. Water shaped our country, your vote can help conserve it and open up new opportunities for mitigating and adapting to climate change, improving water quality and biodiversity and supporting recreation! So please vote on Wednesday March 20. Vote list 3. Vote Water Natuurlijk!

Read our flyer on Water Natuurlijk.

Who can vote?

Dutch nationals and non-Dutch nationals who are either European or hold a valid residency permit. If you think you are eligible to vote but you have not yet had a voting card, contact your local authority.

Please note that you must present your voting pass (stempas) and a valid proof of identity at the polling station in order to be able to vote. (more info about voting:

Our area: Amstel, Gooi & Vecht

The Regional Public Water Authority Amstel, Gooi en Vecht manages an area of 700 square kilometers extending over the provinces of Noord-Holland, Zuid- Holland and Utrecht. A large majority of this area lies well below sea level. If we do not contain the water these regions will flood. This is why dykes, pumping stations, locks and polders are of vital importance, especially in this part of the Netherlands.

What are the big issues?

  • Climate change – particularly the increase in the number of cloud bursts, which causes flash flooding. More measures also need to be taken to make sure the Netherlands’s cities are rain proof, for example, by developing water storage facilities and encouraging home owners not to tile over their gardens.
  • Biodiversity – as managers of the country’s water resources, the water boards are also charged with making sure water-dependent wildlife remains diverse and healthy, and with combating the arrival of exotics, such as the muskrat and foreign plant life.
  • Subsidence caused by the water table becoming lower is a major issue in some areas, particularly after last summer’s drought. Salination is also a drought-related area in some places.

Read more about the task of the Water Authority here:

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